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Lara Bikini Version 1 DL by TheRaiderInside
Lara Bikini Version 1 DL
For summer, more coming later. :) She comes with chest adj bones and bikini bottom (teehee) adj bones. Also, I tried to get as many bugs worked out as possible, but if there are still some left over, let me know please! And also, please don't use for porn!


Lara Strip by junkymana
Bikini and Headband by zareef
Maleshep Nude DL by TheRaiderInside
Maleshep Nude DL
Next up is Kaidan in an environment suit. :)

Maleshep by Sonyume
Body by me
Mass Effect W.I.P.'s by TheRaiderInside
Mass Effect W.I.P.'s
Just some random W.I.P.'s from Mass Effect. The center four are the closest to being released; I also have 3 other W.I.P.'s, but they haven't been created yet! :lmao:

...And yes, that is a Maleshep version of the Asari dancer outfit. :lmao:
Liara Human Nude Pack DL by TheRaiderInside
Liara Human Nude Pack DL
Just a requested mod, don't know why I didn't make this sooner! :D Anyways, all I ask is that you DON'T
use it for PORNIf I see it used for porn I will remove the download link.

Original Liara model by ObscureMemories

Body by me

Hair by SonYume


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United States

Lara Croft, the best damned hero throughout my gaming life.

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My birthday is coming up in 12 days, and I kind of feel like I'm a ghost here.

A lot of you don't really know about me, so I figured I'd make a small project for my birthday called 12 days of Lillie (duh) so you get to know what I'm actually like. Might be pretty weird if I did it out of the blue! o.o However, since I don't wanna spam up everybody's deviations with junk one by one, I'll just post it in this journal first, then all of it together as a deviation. Sorry, technical difficulties! And I had to remove the pictures already posted because I wanted it to either be all, or none. ;-;

Basically, one big thing you'll notice about me if you meet me is that, I am a huge tomboy, and it makes me, me. xD

Everything about me comes from being a tomboy! So therefore, the project is based around that. And for the people that actually knew what I looked like a while back, that's changed a lot by the way. I dyed my hair red, got braces, got glasses, grew my hair out, grew up some more, and became a totally different person. xD

DAY 1:

DAY 2 (Makeup): The first time I thought about makeup was when I wanted to try something new of course. c: I thought it made me look pretty damn good, until... People comment on it, because they aren't used to me wearing it, which irritates me off as you can tell! My little sweetheart, Caleb, gets on my last nerves about it! xD (Not CombatClone if you're wondering xD)

DAY 3 (Breaking habits): I'm always quick to hurry and relax after work or after school, but... most of the time I forget where I left a lot of stuff, or didn't clean up in general. Usually the result is the wrath of my parents, aka my dad. .~.

DAY 4 (Fixing laziness): I am also, pretty lazy sometimes. If I do laundry, it might leave there for... a very long, long time. And just like yesterday, I didn't even update this journal. v.v

DAY 5 (Getting over fears): I have a people fear, in real life, I will avoid people! My dad knows I have this, and since he does, whenever we go out in public, he makes me go inside and talk to people. I HATE IT. I'm a 100% nervous wreck and my braces don't help because they make me stutter. ;-;

DAY 6 (Fixing awkward moments): Since I don't really socialize unless it's with really close friends, I don't use a lot of slang and if I do, it sounds horrible. ._. No lie. My friends love to make fun of me for that, because I talk really, really, proper. So when they talk, I pretty much miss it. Maybe comparable to Starfire from the Teen Titans. v.v

DAY 7 (Covering scars): Since I'm such a tomboy, I have a LOT of different scars... but that was mostly okay since I didn't really wear most things like dresses or skirts. However, now I actually do. ._. And I can not go one single day wearing something like that without tights. ;~; (But that's okay because scars are badass, duh)

DAY 8 (Dressing up): Since I actually like dressing up a little bit now, wearing things like skirts and dresses are still a hassle... but only because I still do tomboyish things in them. ...Like mess around with my nephews, chop wood for my grandma, or just be active in general. xD (I'm midly fat but I love being active, I don't know why xD)

DAY 9 (Eating out): Usually when I eat out, I despise fancy dancy restaurants, so many judgey and snooty people to me! v.v I am 100% a Taco Bell addict.

DAY 10 (Spending money): Of course I have a job now, and when I get my paycheck, most people expect to buy girly things and clothes and shoes and purses- no. No, no, no, and no. Video Games, everything on Amazon and food only!

DAY 11 (Hair): I hate doing my hair. HATE. My natural hair is realllyyyy curly, and ever since I cut my hair into peekaboo bangs, it hasn't been the same. I have one little piece that always sticks up, no matter what. It hates me, and I hate it. So either I wear my hair crazy like I live in the jungle, I try to wear it neat, or I throw it in a bun. xD

DAY 12 (Attitude): Overall, I hate it when people tell me to stop being a tomboy. I hear everybody's mouths about it. Especially: 'You're to pretty to be a tomboy!' I am who I am at the end of the day. I'm Lillie! :dummy:

  • Watching: The Cleveland Show :lmao:
  • Playing: Grand Theft Auto V (360)

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